how a digital adoption solution is the secret sauce to your business continuity planning

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how a digital adoption solution is the secret sauce to your business continuity planning

Caring for your employees through times of change

As businesses shift, employees are feeling the brunt of it, leaving many detached, confused and quite plainly scared. Employers have an even greater responsibility to give their workers a sense of safety and purpose.

Engagement & Productivity

Working from home can be distracting; especially for those with kids or other family obligations. It can take a while to carve out a work schedule that keeps employees focused and productive.

Part of increasing focus and productivity is eliminating tedious tasks and processes that are not only time consuming, but energy depleting. A digital adoption platform can tap into existing software and identify which tools or processes are challenging your remote workforce. This empowers managers to automate tasks to ease workflows. Through contextual awareness, content is displayed at pivotal moments, aiding employees in real-time when they are stumped.


Only months before, employees would be vying for conference rooms and the All Hands meeting would be packed. But till COVID-19 subsides, all of our work communication is happening over Zoom or other video conferencing platforms.

Since employees are widely dispersed, communication is more crucial than ever. But streamlining messaging and ensuring that all employees are duly informed seems like an uphill battle. Yes, there is always email, but how easy is it to confirm that all employees received and read an important email at the same time?

Office 365 is a great tool that can accommodate a WFH workforce by keeping employees engaged and informed. The customized overlay provides updates and notifications straight to employee’s desktops, regardless of which application they are currently using. The content of the notifications can be segmented and tailored to accommodate different departments, geographical regions and more. Broadcasted notifications and updates can be tracked letting management view what messages are being seen and absorbed.

Using the right technology can make all the difference

Technology is the bridge connecting us to family, friends, employees and customers. Without it, we are further apart. Software is a big investment and part of sound business continuity is taking stock of all expenses and finding ways to reduce unnecessary costs.

Office 365 solutions gives a clear picture of organization-wide software usage. Unused licenses, duplicate systems or underachieving platforms can be evaluated to see if they are of use to the company or draining money. If a platform isn’t being used to its fullest, company leadership can determine if it’s worth keeping, or even employing digital adoption solutions to increase usage and engagement. At this time, the right digital tools can help you save money and maximize productivity, it’s just a matter of identifying them.

Business continuity – anytime, anywhere

We don’t know what the future holds, we don’t even know what next week will bring. This is unchartered territory which means that the more we can engage in business continuity planning, and think critically about what will keep our employees, customers and ultimately our businesses alive and kicking is of immediate concern. Office 365 solutions are multi-faceted, covering multiple business use-cases to enable you to weather the storm and even thrive during this period of global disruption.